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Raven Rae provides a discreet Holistic Secure approach to our client’s life support requirements such as secure accommodations/living, secure travel, medical, Holistic Health & Wellness. This dedicated service also provides real-time atmospherics and ground truth with informative advice and solutions to navigate our clients risk security management.


Vision Statement

  • Raven Rae Resources & Associates is committed to provide specialized consultancy for Holistic Safe and Secure Life Support Services to all spectrums of the humanitarian and developmental sectors as well in public and private domains. Raven Rae is committed to providing high-quality capacity building, training assistance and service delivery to support our client’s business model.

Mission Statement

  • Raven Rae Resources & Associates will deliver the highest quality of consultancy services and human resources forwarding solutions and service with duty of care, passion, integrity, and energy.

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