Company overview

Raven Rae Resources (RRR) was developed in the mid-90’s in Ontario Canada with the mission creep to merge worldwide. In 2010 RRR ventured into Afghanistan, 2011 RRR established operations in Kenya Raven Rae Kenya, Ltd. and shortly after that set-up O&G Raven Rae Global in UAE.


Raven Rae Afghanistan Consulting Services (RRACS) is a registered company with the Afghanistan Investment Support Services. The company and associates are seasoned entities within Afghanistan, our associates experts bring to the group a unique deliverable skill set. Globalisation and development have both brought positive influences on many countries and communities. Nonetheless, these positive attributes do not come without concerns for the personal safety and protection of those at the forefront of contributing towards such development and investments.


Afghanistan is one of the critical countries in which Raven Rae Afghanistan Consulting Services & Associates is in a strong position to support advancing the globalisation and development agenda. Raven Rae AFG & Associates focuses on enhancing human safety through the delivery of comprehensive secure consulting services. We specialised in risk mitigation, life support and safety and security management to meet the needs of governments, United Nations, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.


Raven Rae Afghanistan Consulting Services; possesses a range of well tried-and-true risk mitigation strategies for the delivery of a safe Consultancy for Holistic Secure Life Support Services with Risk Mitigation within Afghanistan. RRACS has the resources that can tap into a broad field of subject and technical expertise to assist with specific Life Support and risk mitigating services.

Vision Statement

Valley to Paroon Nuristan

Raven Rae Resources & Associates is committed to provide specialized consultancy for Holistic Safe and Secure Life Support Services to all spectrums of the humanitarian and developmental sectors as well in public and private domains. Raven Rae is committed to providing high-quality capacity building, training assistance and service delivery to ultimately support our client’s business model

Mission Statement


Raven Rae Resources & Associates will deliver the highest quality of consultancy services and human resources forwarding solutions and service with duty of care, passion, integrity and energy.

-Mission Before-Self-

Values Statement

  • We are committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Our success begins with prioritizing and delivering dependable customer service to meet the needs and expectations of our customer base.
  • We do not compromise on safety.
  • We respect our clients and stakeholders and are culturally astute