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RRCS is providing dedicated RRCS Retainer Packages / Focal Points both (Expatriate and Host National) to clientele, where the dedicated team is on call throughout the retainer timeframe to assist with real time risk management mentoring. Providing Risk Support in country for all clientele visits. Providing daily updates/reports, warnings of instability, and providing real-time atmospherics.

RRCS assesses and supports clients, in terms of direct overwatch and assistance/guidance towards the new relationship and governance with the new de-facto government of Afghanistan, physical security infrastructure, company security structural and procedural security set-up, limited training, and virtual support in terms of virtual training sessions, guidance and table talk exercises. The RRCS Focal Points also review, monitor, and provide training, provides mobility, security and life support to clientele when required, providing appropriate guidance and assessments confirming Expatriate visits are advisable to travel. RRCS identifies vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and strengths to meet a mitigating solution for clientele. Physical improvements and equipment, reviewing company structure and assisting with nominating security relevant staff positions, training so all staff have competent knowledge and capabilities to manage crisis and first responder events. RRCS also assist with improving existing procedural manuals (SOPs) and conduct training with staff members, so they can comply with emergency office plans and SOPs.

RRCS also conducts Security Risk Assessments (SRAs), a review of office spaces/compounds and geographical locations in terms of what has changed with the new government, new threats, physical security infrastructure, company security structural and procedural security set-up. RRCS will look at the current Threat Assessment – specific threat scenarios, location specific vulnerabilities and strengths, measuring the risk assessment of likelihood/impact/risk level finding mitigating measures. Using a developed Security Risk Assessment Threat Matrix, RRCS will identify specific design threat recommendations for threats that are defined for clientele.

RRCS can provide a secure accommodations/office space, with a discrete and low-profile approach. RRCS has provided this service for many clienteles with some of them name above earlier. A facility team is provided which consists of Office/Life support management, maintenance/cleaning teams, armed chowkidar presence 24/7 inside the property, and an Expat Risk Management overwatch.

RRCS provided Humanitarian Assistance involving beneficiary transportation, temporary accommodations, and life support, prior to and after the Fall of Kabul on August 15th, 2021. RRCS prepared and controlled safe housing, logistics and operations of clientele and refugee evacuations, while transitioning out of Afghanistan to primarily Canada and Germany.

Vision Statement

  • Raven Rae Resources & Associates is committed to provide specialized consultancy for Holistic Safe and Secure Life Support Services to all spectrums of the humanitarian and developmental sectors as well in public and private domains. Raven Rae is committed to providing high-quality capacity building, training assistance and service delivery to support our client’s business model.

Mission Statement

  • Raven Rae Resources & Associates will deliver the highest quality of consultancy services and human resources forwarding solutions and service with duty of care, passion, integrity, and energy.

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